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Techno Qatar Ltd leads the marine works industry in Qatar for many years. As such, the company has extended its services by providing marine productsand all kinds of accessories which are of high quality and within acceptable standards. Likewise, the company promotes the safety culture in marinas by supplying differenttypes of safety equipmentthat is now becoming more in demand. Among other things, Techno Qatar Ltd provides the following items:

Marine Products

  • Floats – such as plastic floats, plastic tubes, and concrete floats
  • Boat Fenders
  • Pontoon Fenders
  • Heavy Duty Dock Fingers – with hot rolled steel frame, galvanized to EN ISO 1461.
  • Concrete Dock Fingers – with expanded polystyrene core and reinforced with partly or fully hot dip galvanized or stainless steel
  • Bollards, Cleats, and Boat Rings – for safe mooring of all boats, ranging from lightweight dinghies up to the largest super yachts.


  • Sockets
  • Plugs
  • Switchgears
  • Terminals
  • Reset Flaps
  • Viewing Windows
  • Earth and Neutral Bars
  • Replacement Enclosures
  • Pedestals (stainless steel socket locking plate, photo electric cells and lamps)
  • Metering Options, etc.

Safety Equipment

  • Classic
  • Floating pump-out stations
  • Ladder, etc.
  • Marine lights
  • Marine Winch
  • Aluminum marine platform
  • Floating barrier
  • Water floating
  • Beach machine
  • Generator
  • Ground screw
  • Floating slab
  • Power pedestal
  • Seawave emergency
  • Electrical distribution
  • Spinnaker emergency
  • Classic emergency
  • Baliza emergency
  • Marine plant box
  • Wooden fence
  • Composite wood
  • Concrete reef